How Does HIE Help Me?

Doctors, hospitals, and health care providers share your medical information via phone, fax, and mail. We provide a better, safer, and faster way for your medical providers to share pertinent information through a secure HIE (Health Information Exchange). When your providers join our network, they can quickly access information such as allergies or medications, giving them the ability to coordinate and improve the quality of your care.

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Is My Personal Information Safe?

Your information is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This privacy rule gives you rights and sets limits on how your information can be shared with others. We do not store your medical record; we provide a secure network for your health providers to share the information that they already store.

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How Do I Participate?

ConnectVirginia does not use or maintain any type of state-level consent for the sharing of your health information. Your information is shared by your providers based on their specific patient consent policy. This means if you give consent to your health care provider to share your health information, and your provider is a participant of ConnectVirginia EXCHANGE, then your information will be shared with other providers in EXCHANGE. If you do not give consent to your health care provider to share your information with other providers, then your information (except where required by law) will not be shared.