Public Health Reporting Pathway

ConnectVirginia provides the  transport mechanisms for electronic public heath reportable data to the Virginia Department of Health.

ConnectVirginia and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) are working together to automate the process for submitting immunizations, reportable lab results (ELR), syndromic surveillance data, and cancer case reporting. Immunization data will be submitted  to the Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS). This collaboration will allow public health reportable data to be sent from a certified EHR through ConnectVirginia, enabling providers and hospitals to improve workflows and data accuracy while also meeting the Meaningful Use measure. Hospitals, providers and vendors that are currently submitting files electronically to VDH are being transitioned to ConnectVirginia.

ConnectVirginia has HTTPS and SFTP connectivity available. For more information see our PHRP-HTTPS specs/FAQ sheet or our PHRP-SFTP specs/FAQ sheet.

All entities wishing to set up transport for public health reporting must sign our ConnectVirginia Public Health Reporting Pathway Agreement.

All eligible hospitals and eligible professionals intending to work on any of the public health objectives must register with VDH. For more information on submitting data files to meet MU requirements and to register with VDH, visit VDH’s Meaningful Use page.

Eligible professionals, Ambulatory Practices, etc. interested in submitting public health data should read our ConnectVirginia Public Health Reporting Pathway Onboarding Guide.

General questions  about ConnectVirginia’s Public Health Reporting Pathway service,  completed Public Health Reporting Pathway Agreements and technical support questions regarding connectivity or message transport can be sent to Forms can also be faxed to 804.665.2497.