Emergency Department Care Coordination Program

The 2017 General Assembly established the Emergency Department Care Coordination program in the Department of Health to provide a single, statewide technology solution that connects all hospital emergency departments in the Commonwealth to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration among physicians, other healthcare providers and other clinical and care management personnel for patients receiving services in hospital emergency departments for the purpose of improving the quality of patient care services (re: § 32.1-372).

ConnectVirginia has been contracted by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to fulfill the requirements of this legislation by evaluating and selecting a technology vendor.   The technology vendor will utilize the existing ConnectVirginia governance, legal and trust framework in order to fulfill the requirements of the legislation and to expedite the implementation of the program.

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Public Health

ConnectVirginia helps the Virginia Department of Health fulfill its mission to “promote and protect the health of all Virginians” by providing services that facilitate the electronic reporting of certain health-related data. VDH  is currently able to receive electronic submissions for three public health-related objectives ( Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR), Immunizations, Syndromic Surveillance, etc.) and is actively working with hospitals and health care professionals to assist them in meeting these objectives.

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Newborn Screening

The Code of Virginia § 32.1-65 requires every newborn in the Commonwealth to undergo Dried-Bloodspot testing unless the parent or guardian objects on the grounds that the test conflicts with their religious practices.  The Department of General Services, Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS), in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), performs the dried-blood spot screening and follow-up services; including referrals for diagnosis, medical and dietary management and long-term care and treatment planning. Babies who are diagnosed with certain heritable disorders or genetic diseases are referred to the VDH’s Care Connection for Children network for coordination of services.

Due to the time sensitivity of Dried-Bloodspot testing, Virginia’s Newborn Screening program is now partnering with ConnectVirginia to utilize the Public Health Reporting pathway to facilitate the secure and electronic exchange of laboratory orders and results with our hospital partners and authorized 3rd party service providers such as OZ Systems.

DCLS is currently engaged in a Pilot program with a select group of hospital partners to develop and test these capabilities with the goal of implementing the electronic NBS Lab Order exchange by July 2017 and the NBS Results exchange by January 2018.  To learn more about this initiative and the requirements for enrolling in the Virginia’s NBS Data Exchange program CLICK HERE.


Need More Clinical Information On Your Patients? 
ConnectVirginia EXCHANGE provides a secure method to query and retrieve patient data by facilitating the process of onboarding participants directly to eHealth Exchange, a nationwide health information exchange. EXCHANGE participants must meet legal, technical, and financial requirements to onboard (integrate with)  to EXCHANGE.  For more detailed information on the onboarding  process including the application and documentation requirements as well as answers to frequently asked questions about onboarding, visit our EXCHANGE Onboarding page.

You can use materials in our Provider Communications Tool Kit to talk to your patients about the benefits of Health IT, EHRs, and ConnectVirginia’s EXCHANGE.